O2life line is born in this way:

"... Every day, year after year, do your job with passion, competence and critical spirit. Be familiar with every aspect of the market and know everything about genesis, analysis and distribution of a service that has now reached excellent results.

You feel at ease in a company that for three generations has been steadily expanding, you breathe air positively competitive and know to be part of a specialized team you can count on.

Suddenly it happens to think about your work in a different way and see something new: the famous "insight" which comes suddenly, giving you an immediate intuition ... "
  Magaldi Life works for forty years in the homecare services sector and it is a leader in home oxygen-therapy activity. The excellent results, achieved over the years, have stimulated the company towards new challenges and new heights to reach.

A brilliant intuition led to the field of dermocosmetics with creation of a new line of products with high and proven efficacy, that stood out for very exclusive properties of oxygen.

For the realization of each
O2life product, Magaldi Life was advised by consultants and top-level experts and has dedicated an entire division to the analysis of human resources of the new market.
  Oxygen Complex acts at the base of O2life products, it is a precious molecule capable of inducing a regeneration of the skin, ensuring a cell viability recovery of 170%, as shown by clinical tests carried out.

O2life borns from the idea of combining the oxygen activity with the concept of epidermal cell renewal/regeneration. The epidermis is a formidable barrier to external aggressions and needs constant protection.

Oxygen is the source of life: providing oxygen to the cells, we do good to the skin.
This is the plus of O2life.

The products of O2life line can be purchased only at the pharmacist, who takes on the key role of "health consultant and well-being for the skin."
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